The USDA estimates that 95,000 calves die each year due to cold stress and hyperthermia-related issues. 

Calf-Rescue Blankets ™ are a very important tool for anyone involved in calving or rendering aid to sick calves.  They can help prevent newly born, sick or at-risk calves from suffering life-threatening hypothermia.   In addition to reducing heat loss from the animal and enhancing the absorption of available radiation from the sun or heat lamps, the cover will also reduce convective cooling of the animal, and it is water proof.  The blanket is also strong enough to be used as a skid to move an animal short distances. 

Calf-Rescue Blankets™ have an inner surface that reflects over 90% of a calf’s body heat back to the calf, and an outer surface that absorbs 94% of solar radiation.  The outer surface also absorbs radiation from heat lamps or other artificial sources, leading to further warming of the animal. 

Calf-Rescue Blankets™ are not a replacement for the traditional calf blankets that are placed on calves for weeks or months at a time during the winter, but are an inexpensive short-term solution to help a calf get to the stage when it can get to its feet and take milk without assistance.  If the calf is going to be left unattended, the cover can be tucked around the animal in a way that the cover will readily come off when the animal stands.  This will be especially useful in the case of animals that are slow to get up because of difficulties related to birth or other causes, and where attendants may not be continuously present.  If an attendant is present who can monitor the calf, the cover can be further affixed to the animal by cutting holes for the animal’s legs and using tape to secure the cover around the animal’s core.  The blankets are very resistant to tearing.        

Inspired from marathon running blankets, rescue blankets for people, and reflective mulch technology, Calf-Rescue Blankets™ cold be a life saver for your operation.  They can go a long way in getting calves off on the right hoof.

Warnings:  Make sure that calves cannot become entangled in the blankets and injure themselves.  Use each blanket only once and then properly dispose of the used blanket. Although non-toxic, do not allow calves to chew or eat blankets.  

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