What to Expect & How to apply:

Ranchers have had success in keeping Calf-Rescue Blankets on their calves by merely using a pocket knife to cut two slits near one edge of the blanket for one set of legs, and then wrapping the blanket over the back, making a second set of slits for the opposite legs, and then pulling the dog’s legs through.  Most young calves just stand with the blankets on or are confined to pens, so the attached video shows a dog jumping and fetching a ball while wearing a blanket.  The original 4’ x 4’ blanket was trimmed to 3’ x 3’ so the 100lb dog could easily see the ball.  The initial cuts were then easily stretched by hand to better accommodate the dogs legs.




Easy Package and deployment

The Calf-Rescue Blanket™ has been tucked under the calf so that it will come loose when the calf is able to get up.  Some producers/veterinarians cut holes in the blanket for the legs and further secure the blankets using the adhesive strips that come with each blanket.


Calf Rescue Blankets helped keep the newborn calf's temperature stable and warm as we applied medical aid! Thanks, Calf- Rescue Blankets


Caring for newborn calves in duress isn't easy, but worth the effort!


When a newborn calf is under duress in cold, exposed or in-climate weather, struggle to survive due to body temperature control. Controlling loss of body heat or avoiding overheating can be vital for their survival. This is why we introduced Calf-Rescue Blankets, based on requests from Veterinarians.


Each blankets comes individually folded and packaged and in easy to use packs. They are disposable which makes them ideal for this application. 

Blankets are also made of strong 3mil Poly which can be cut for leg holes, used as a flexible stretcher for carrying or dragging.

about Calf-Rescue Blankets

Photograph of a Calf-Rescue Blanket™ being applied to a model of a calf.  The cover will then be folded over’s the calf’s body.

Calf-Rescue Blankets™ come individually wrapped in a pouch that easily fits in a pocket, veterinary supply bag.

Mr. John Anderson